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Sābu Ramen | Japanese Ramen & Street Food in Lakeland, FL

Sābu Ramen is a concept born from a passion for Japanese food & culture.

The general love of food is one thing, but the passion for the actual craft of making ramen is why Sābu exisits. After being inspired by ramen “idols” like David Chang and Ivan Orkin and even seeing how delicious ramen looked in different animes, Chef Ryan Neal couldn’t be satisified by just consuming ramen, he craved to understand it’s craft, too. With his base of culinary skills, he set out to better understand traditional Japanese ramen. What he quickly learned was ramen transcends being just a meal and is truly a form of art. Ryan wished for ramen to be in Lakeland, and has decided to share is passion with others through Sābu Ramen.